Never Say​.​.​.

by Never Kenezzard

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Debut album from Never Kenezzard.


released November 15, 2016

Ryan Peru (Guitar/Vocals/Electronics)
Jason Starkey (Drums/Screams/Percussion)
Steven McGraw (Bass/Harmonies)

Recorded and mixed by Jamie Hillier at Module Overload Studios, 2016
Mastered by Ryan Peru at Hibernation Studios
Photography by Lindsay Akiyama. Face cast by Emily Shepherd and Mark Irvine.
Special thanks to: Lindsay Akiyama, Don White, Tony B. Diseased, Travis Sturm, Emily Shepherd, Mark Irvine, Tom and Yvonne Peru
©2016 - Never Kenezzard - All rights reserved


all rights reserved



Never Kenezzard Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: The Twin
Splinter the seed
Fragment destiny
Devour the twin
For power
And take more tha/
Track Name: Wasps For Brains
One and two make three
Muscle memory
Hard to play and sing
Sweet summer time sting
Working day is done
Ant hill on a bun
Sour sour treat
Stinger in her meat
Buzzing in my ear
Compound vision clear
Live life in dead tree
Hive mentality

The call, live, sweet life

Swat it
Burn it
Drown it
and fuck it
Swat at me
It's tragic

Royal jelly gets me high
Queen bee don't leave me behind
Sting you just to see you cry
Big smile while you burn the hive

The call, live, sweet life

Panic and protect
Don't forget the threat
Gasoline and flame
Burning senseless pain
Concentrations key
Collapse the colony
Sweet sugary glaze
Fuels all of my rage

Swat it
Burn it
Drown it
and fuck it
Swat at me
It's tragic
Track Name: I'm Stoned
I'm Stoned
I'm Stoned
I'm Stoned
So Stoned
I'm Stoned
I'm Stoned
Track Name: After Ashes
They say time will help heal you
Despite the open would
Tongue of untrue
Because time forgot you

A bond you think is strong
You were wrong all along
Stare into deep red eyes
And lie lie lie

And we'll see
What you've done
To me
Track Name: Through The Windshield
Fist in my face
(hit me)
With my mistakes
(you'll see)
Won't feel a thing
(it's easy)
No Shock to you

Needle spike and drone
Rolling down the road
Gasoline throne
(look there)
How could you know
With dash up your nose
It's the end of the road
(we're there)

Knife in my back
(can't reach)
Blind to attack
(can't breathe)
Break this heart in me
(it's easy)
and goodbye
Now what to do
(strike back)
Plan a trip for you
(one way)
Pack a little bag
And let's go

Motorin' down the road
Manic episode
My medication's low
(look here)
How could you know
Like I didn't know
Accelerate explode
Through the glass we go

Smoke fills my eyes
(can't breathe)
No more surprise
(can't breathe)
Rip this soul from me
(it's easy)
And goodbye
Track Name: Floris Somnium
I light the flame
That burns the flower
That builds the smoke
That fills my lungs
As I sink back into the soft grass
I'm met with great relaxation
I feel myself
Leave myself
I accelerate towards the clouds
As I turn around the Earth shrinks to a dot
And all points of light blur together
I find myself beyond the stars
Wrapped in warmth
Where consciousness forms
For a moment I embrace the oneness of creation
Before I fall back to Gaia
In a breathe I slip back through the atmosphere
Drifting among the clouds
I feel the pulse of every heart
And hear every song ever written
My being becomes the roots of all plants
The petals of each flower
The hair on every creature
The scales of the reptiles
As I return to my body
I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin
Hear the whisper of the wind in my ears
A drop of rain on my face
As I fill my lungs with the sweetness of air and life
I realize
I am alive
I am alive
Track Name: Unknown
The cold, grips me, and I'm torn between
Two worlds

The dark
It takes me
And I wait
For the one
Who will come
And take me
They'll take me

And my tongue, my throat and my teeth
Words come to me
Voice not my own
Origin unknown

And the sky
And the sea
And the forest
And earth beneath
And all thoughts
And memories
Are all mine
For all time

And the flesh I cut from my bone
No way back home
Dream destiny
Future unknown

Through all eyes I see
World worshiping
Blood found
Heart down
End life
Track Name: Endless Waves Of Prismatic Light
Digging through sand
I'll scar these hands
Searching for words left behind
The secrets I find
We can not read

Heal me
Bring me to light
Wake me
Open my mind
Show me the way
Seal me inside

Return to stars
When planets align
Our race lost to time
The ruins that I search
And sadness I'll find
I'm left behind

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